...and I helped

The morning air was cold and crisp as I creaked my car door open, slid in and clunked the door closed, reminding myself once again that I really need to get new hinges on this thing.  The sky was painting itself pastel shades of blue, orange and yellow as the black naked tree branches offered themselves up as paint brushes, gently swaying back and forth.

"I need you God,” I thought as I followed Alfred Godfrey down Eastern Shore back roads that would eventually collide with route 50 and take us the rest of the way to The Milestone, where our core team would set up and run tech this early Sunday morning.  My body, weak from fighting off a nasty cold, my head aching, my shoulders stiff from holding 3 months worth of tension, and my brain, my brain couldn't hold one more logistic as I drove East into the quietly rising sun.

We were the first to arrive so Alfred went to get the truck fired up and pulled the trailer around to the front of the entrance.  Betty Anne, who works for the Milestone, met me at the door with a warm smile and bright excitement in her eyes.  All was quiet and still for a moment but it wasn’t long before the whole place came to life.  Family by family the core team began to arrive, each one with a smile, willing hands, and carrying in their hearts eager anticipation.  The trailer’s contents were emptied into the rooms.  Drapes, sound equipment, a stage, kids toys, monitors, lights and more began to fill the space.  Everyone fell to it and began unboxing, putting in place, working and reworking pipe and drape, uncoiling cords, and setting the stage. 

Two hours later we looked up with great satisfaction at a beautiful space ready to be used for the making of passionate maturing followers of Jesus from here to the Nations.  We sang together, we listened together as Craig Fadel, the Easton Campus pastor, shared his heart on Phil 2:1-8, we prayed as a team in each and every room, and we watched live as BACC Annapolis Campus cheer, "Go Easton!" on our huge screen.  I wish you could've been there and felt the energy that rushed through the room at that very moment.  It was incredible!

One thought has been resounding in my mind for many months now and I'm certain it passed through my weary mind many times this day before I laid my tired body down to sleep.  "God is building His church from here to the nations and we get to help."


See you along the road.  Deo Volenti,

rj. Lionheart