A Little, and then some more presently

I will have more to say later perhaps.  Only now, I have little and we may find that is better for all of us.  

Last year brought many goodbyes, much death, and silence and shouts and tears.  But I would be lying to say despair swept over me even for a moment.  I haven't been here long yet my years, young as they are, have already taught me,  Life always grows out of death.

Death can never triumph, only exhaust itself in futile efforts, each one only advancing ever closer toward its fiery hell where death will breathe its last dusty furious breath at its very own doorstep.  Light extinguishes darkness.  Life breathes and death is a memory ever fading.

As J.R.R. Tolkien penned, "Simbelmynë, ever has it grown on the tombs of my forebears."  We see beauty and delicate life daring to blossom even in the black muddy footprints of evil who has trampled through in the night seeking to destroy, kill, and steal.

Stand on my friends, courageously growing in the grace Jesus gives you.  The Light of the world came, triumphed over darkness, and He will come again.  This is our hope and this hope does not disappoint.  Here is to a new year forged in delicate courage of stubborn light that refuses to be snuffed out because our eyes are fixed on the Light and our hearts are sure of His love.

See You Along the Road, Deo Volenti,

rj. Lionheart